Mitigating Police Fatigue

Length:  Flexible and customized from an Executive Overview to a Full-Day Program

Target Audience:  Police Officers, Supervisory Ranks, Town Managers, Risk Managers, Legal Counsel

Purpose:  Provide education on employee fatigue and ways to effectively manage the risks associated with fatigue. 

Description:  This course is designed to raise awareness of the problems associated with fatigued or tired police officers.  The presenter will define fatigue and educate the attendees about the causes of police fatigue, the consequences, and suggested ways in which fatigue can be managed.  Depending on the length of the program, conversations include the physiological impacts to include how fatigue influences use of force, performance, driving, officer safety, and report writing.  The attendees will be asked to self-reflect on the problem and ask themselves:  “Am I contributing to the problem or to the solution?”  Attendees will be encourage to take ownership of their own fatigue and consider ways to improve their personal situations.  At the end of the session, the attendees will have a better understanding of why fatigue is a problem for law enforcement, why they should be concerned about fatigue, and the importance of sound effective fatigue management policy. 

The attendees will hear about the presenter’s successful journey in developing and implementing a fatigue management plan within a state police organization, the challenges in implementing a culture shifting program, and ways in which further engagement would reduce the risks associated with police fatigue.


"I have heard John Campanella and he is an expert on this topic!  Great guy - amazing insight!"

Chief Deputy Paul Butler (Retired)

Horry County Sheriff's Office, South Carolina


Paul Butler Presentations (


"John Campanella's experience as a Delaware State Police Captain and work as the Director of Human Resources has allowed him to live and realize the scope of dealing with law enforcement fatigue issues.  He makes the points and recognizes the everyday situations that we all accept as the norm...his passion is to make you see it, feel it, and motivating to work together to change a culture."

Chief Michael Smith (Retired)

Logan Township Police Department, New Jersey


"I have known John since we met at the FBI National Academy in 2009. John is the consummate professional, always seeking to examine and review policies and procedures to improve the conditions of police officers while maintaining his responsibilities to the agency.

I was privileged to sit through a seminar John gave to the FBINAA Georgia Chapter in January 2017 concerning Mitigating Police Fatigue; John’s presentation was professional, engaging, and packed full of useful information to the police leaders in attendance (more than 160) from across the state. In fact, many participants indicated that they are planning to include John in their agency’s future training sessions. I personally recommend that all police agencies incorporate this training into their officer safety/officer wellness plans.

John’s dedication to the profession is evident by his continued research into reducing risk and improving the lives of officers."

Cornelius Yarbro
Assistant Chief of Police
DeKalb County Police Department

Rates and Fees

The above programs can be customized to address all of the emergency services industries as well as any 24/7 or high risk business.  If you are looking for a specific topic not shown above, contact John Campanella to develop a customized program.

Additional risk management services are available that include: Policy and compliance, gap analysis,  human resources, leadership, performance management, court expert testimony and opinions, subject matter expertise.